The Matos Family

The Matos Family who also own Matos Bakery, bought the storefront after the previous owner ran it for thirty-two years. She’s shared the recipes that made the butcher shop so beloved in the first place with the new owners.

The Matos family, including Kevin’s father, Jose, mother, Ann, and brother, also owns two Portuguese bakeries in Pawtucket and West Warwick. Matos Bakery is known for Portuguese sweet bread, pasteis de nata and their latest specialties, housemade doughnuts.

Matos — who has a background in cooking at Nicks on Broadway and L’Espalier in Boston — also runs Bake Me Away, a high-end baking business with his girlfriend, Nicolette Amaral, crafting scratch-made products like occasion cakes and treats. They’ll be selling ice cream doughnut sandwiches and other treats starting the first Sunday in August at Hope and Main’s Schoolyard Market. They make the doughnuts, and ice cream comes from the Ice Cream Barn in Swansea, Massachusetts, where cows are milked on site and the dairy is sent to be pasteurized in Johnston and delivered back to the farm.

Whats's the difference

We buy local

    “For every dollar you spend inside your local economy, it stays inside your local economy. The price point might be higher from local farms, but there is so much work that goes behind it,” he says. “If I buy my pork from [Blackbird Farm owner] Ann Marie and I’m reselling my item, the money stays in Rhode Island” ~Kevin Matos

We Make In-House

    There’s a smoking room at the back of JC’s Butcher Shop, and outside the building  – not far from grape vines for wine and a garden growing fava beans – a giant pile of wood awaits to stoke the fire.